August 14, 2022


Its All About The Money

UNO and Moving to Australia partner to help New Zealanders get a home loan in Australia

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Moving to Australia is actually the leading website in New Zealand for helping New Zealanders who are considering a move to Australia step through everything that they might need to do.
We’ve got a dedicated broker, Danny Buckingham, who’s really excited to help you.

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UNO Home Loans is Australia’s #1 Online Mortgage Broker. We have brokers all across Australia who are able to help Australians buy their first home, buy their next home, buy an investment property or refinance their home loan. Our online mortgage brokers are supported by our customer care team who make the home loan application process fast and easier. Our online mortgage broker technology has won design awards and helps Australians who want home loan advice and expertise and to get the best deal for their circumstances. UNO provides online tools, calculators and articles that help Australians understand their borrowing power, calculate their stamp duty and understand the process of buying their first home, buying their next home or refinancing a home loan. For Australians who want to research property values as part of their first property purchase or next property purchase we provide a free online property research tool that lets you look at how property prices, house prices and unit prices have changed over the last 12 months by state, suburb or postcode.

UNO provides home loans from over 20 lenders including Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ, National Australia Bank, Adelaide Bank, ING Bank, Suncorp, Bankwest, Resimac, Bluestone, Macquarie Bank, La Trobe, Pepper Money and ubank

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