June 28, 2022


Its All About The Money

Settlement Loans | Interview with Larry Herscu from Easy Legal Finance Inc.

12 min read

Larry Herscu is the president at Easy Legal Finance, a Canadian litigation financing firm. Its lending solutions service the personal injury sector including plaintiffs with pending injury claims, their legal representatives and the service providers involved in their cases.

We spoke to Larry about the way Easy Legal Finance works and the benefits for Canadians. We dive deep into the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs both today and back then and learn how Easy Legal Finance overcame their obstacles.

Video Contents:

00:00 – Intro
0:45 – What Is Easy Legal Finance About?
1:06 – The Inspiration Behind Easy Legal Finance
2:16 – The Financial Strain of Settlements
3:07 – Identifying an Area of Need & Coming Up With A Solution
4:16 – Connecting The Problem with Available Technology
4:59 – How Does Easy Legal Finance Work
5:55 – How Does Easy Legal Finance Help Canadians in Need
7:08 – Larry’s Background
8:33 – Overcoming Obstacles & Challenges For Today’s Entrepreneurs
10:10 – Launching Innovative Products Today vs. Back Then
11:16 – Acquiring Law & Tech Knowledge
13:05 – Ensuring Collaboration between Tech, Finance & Law
13:51 – Advice For Entrepreneurs Wanting to Offer Niche Services
15:11 – Opportunities & Challenges of Putting Oneself in Opposition to Status Quo
16:04 – What’s Next?
17:56 – Challenges Breaking Through Medicine Niche
18:54 – Advice For Others Who Have An Idea For A Product That Doesn’t Exist
20:07 – Limits of Legal FinTech
21:27 – Will New Data Lead to New Opportunities
22:30 – Closing Comment


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