June 28, 2022


Its All About The Money

Mortgage Borrowers Beware Some Lenders Are On a CONQUEST to Take Your Money

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As consumers, we do our best to determine if we are getting a fair deal. We check with our friends and family, research online, and in the end we make the best decision we can – often taking the advice of industry professionals.

We are aware we have a finite amount of time to conclude our research and ultimately we make a judgement call using all the information we have. This is human nature, and we have to make decisions before we lose the most precious resource we have in this life – time.

Unfortunately, to really know what’s going on in the mortgage and financial industry right now you need to invest a ridiculous amount of time. Things are changing rapidly and the market is behaving unlike it has in the past due to the Federal Reserve’s seemingly endless quest to push interest rates toward zero.

This intervention into the mortgage market leaves you vulnerable to making a bad decisions due to lack of perspective. An environment like this breeds mortgage lenders who tell you what you want to hear rather than taking the time to educate you on the whole story. Before you know it, you are making poor decisions you will regret down the road.

This is exactly what is happening to home buyers who are applying for a mortgage and buying down their interest rate with mortgage points.

Let me share the common sales pitch with you so you can recognize it when you hear it.

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Josh Mettle
Division President & Director of Physician Lending
NEO Home Loans

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