May 18, 2022


Its All About The Money

How Small Businesses Use Capital to Thrive | Full Interview with OnDeck Canada’s VP of Sales

14 min read

Stefan Capombassis is the VP of Sales at OnDeck Canada.
OnDeck Canada is a national leader in reliable, accessible and efficient online lending for Canadian small businesses.

We had the pleasure of chatting with him about the different financing products offered by OnDeck Canada, the best time to take on financing and things to consider before taking on a business loan.

Video Contents:

00:00 – Intro
0:54 – OnDeck Canada: Small Business Financing
3:30 – Stefan’s Journey to Business Financing
6:52 – How to Gauge Which Financing Option Best Fits Your Needs
10:35 – The Best Time To Take On A Business Loan
12:27 – Things To Do Before Taking Out A Business Loan
17:05 – Eligibility Requirements
20:08 – Post Covid Trends & Innovations
23:02 – Challenges Today
26:46 – Contact OnDeck


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This video was produced by Smarter Loans ( Smarter Loans is Canada’s Loan & Financial Directory, where you can discover and compare over 100 brands and their products, so that you can make smarter financial decisions.

Source: Smarter Loans

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