July 4, 2022


Its All About The Money

goPeer | Peer to Peer Lending in Canada | Interview with Joseph Buaron & Marc-Antoine Caya

12 min read

We are thrilled to share our interview with Marc-Antoine Caya and Joseph Buaron, Co-Founders at goPeer.

goPeer is Canada’s first consumer P2P lending platform and connects creditworthy Canadians looking for a loan with everyday Canadians looking to invest.

In this video, Joseph and Marc share more about the company’s mission, opportunities for both investors and borrowers as well as trends in the market.

Video Contents:

00:00 – Intro
01:11 – goPeer’s Mission, Vision and Origin Story
02:49 – Joseph & Marc’s Entrepreneurial Journey
05:41 – Why You Should Choose goPeer
06:45 – What Does a Typical Customer Look Like?
07:52 – How Long Does It Take To Receive A Loan?
08:57 – Things You Need To Know Before Getting Started
09:49 – Why Is goPeer a Good Investment Opportunity?
11:25 – Social Impact Considerations
12:41 – How to Become An Investor
13:28 – Monthly Cashflow and Portfolio Diversification
14:55 – Trends in the Market
16:25 – 2022 Review
17:43 – Can The Market Be Further Improved?
18:29 – Upcoming Changes at goPeer
20:20 – Find Out More About goPeer
20:47 – Chief Wellness Officer
22:10 – How Joseph and Marc Meet?


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